Board Trip is a feature game for House of Fun Slots, in which while playing slots player can progress in a board game, win prizes and bonuses. The game consists of 3 different parts, environments, such as Californian beaches and nature, deserts of Texas, concrete jungles of New-York. in this project i was responsible for creating hundreds .sketches, concepts and final art  of all the assets, compositions of the board, UI-UX.  
The style chosen for the game is simple illustrations chubby and exaggerated forms, cartoon like, washed colors. At first i did very rough sketches for each of the 9 boards and all the the objects on them.  I created an isometry box which helped me to make sure all of the asset have the same angle of view, than i did clean lineart and later "colored" them in photoshop using shapes.
One of the challenges creating the UI for the game was making sure it doesn't cover much of the board itself yet is big and readable especially on mobile devices. I used colors that create contrast and stand out over the game, making some of the UI elements transparent and avoided creating needles decorative elements to make sure there is not too much noise and distraction on already quite busy and detailed board. Best User experience is achieved with clean simple user interface yet modern and casual game like look and feel, symmetry and easy to read typography.
This project is enormous in scale.  It has 9 game boards in 3 different environment themes. If the first board is just one section long the last board was 6 sections long. In total the game has 27 such sections! Here is one of such sections. A sketch and a completed section:
Most but not all of the vehicles and their variations done for the game:
Trees, vegetation, terrain:
The Grid - my Love! How much i hate you. But not really ;)
California Theme
Texas - Arizona  country side theme
And the very long board of New-York city at night
(I'll only show a some part of it, final and some of the line-art)
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