Always Win Machine is a huge Caesars Casino story driven game feature i was responsible for designing and creating all the assets for. In this feature a player has to collect parts of the Magical Slot machine by collecting items in 15 different locations on the map. Once all the items in a particular location are collected - a part of the machine is revealed. A very extensive and challenging project in which i had to do it all, conceptualize, design and create game art and various game assets, UI and UX, marketing materials, painting backgrounds and various characters.
Game feature
These are the items that you need to collect to get a part of the slot machine. In this case it's the coin dispenser marked in light color in the magnifying glass on the bottom right
Only when all parts of the machine are collected the player can finally see it in all it's glory, play it to win ridiculously huge prizes
Vertical version for mobile
early concepts and sketches
User interface
game art
Location icons for the map
Just to give you an idea of how many sketches and iterations went into some of the many location icons
Various chests and bags out of which the player gets his items, while playing a slot game
Feature icon
Only here you can see the whole map as in the feature itself it is divided in three sections and scrollable
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